SprutCAM is the best-kept secret in CNC programming…

SprutCAM is powerful 3D CAM software for tool path design from simple to complex, offering a complete set of programming strategies from 2.5D to 4&5 Axis simultaneous milling, lathe, and even Wire EDM.  With sophisticated feature-based programming strategies and detailed whole-process simulation tools, SprutCAM delivers top level functionality at an incredibly affordable price.

SprutCAM America offers no-hassle pricing, no-cost video training tutorials, and affordable personalized training options.   Download your free trial demo and start making chips today.

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Top 5 SprutCam Questions

Eric Anderson, Tormach's SprutCam expert, describes in detail the 5 items that most commonly come up in his conversations with users. 

1. Why can't I pick a Face or Edge?
2. How to get tool numbers into the "N" box?
3. Why do I get a pause between operations?
4. Why is the Main Screen Black?
5. What is wrong with my Post-processors?