Pricing Questions

  1. Why must I register to see pricing information?

    This is required as part of our agreement with the manufacturer.

  2. Is there a discount for purchasing multiple licenses?

    Yes. Purchases of 4 or more licenses are eligible for a 15% discount.

  3. Is SprutCAM available in a multi-user, network license?

    Yes. Contact us for details.

  4. Am I required to purchase a Maintenance Contract to use SprutCAM?

    No. There are no required maintenance contracts with products purchased from SprutCAM America.

  5. Can I upgrade to another product level? (Universal to Master, for example)

    Yes. Contact us for details and pricing.

  6. Is there a discount for educational institutions?

    Yes. In fact, many educational institutions qualify for a no-cost license of SprutCAM, including secondary schools, teaching universities, and even hackerspaces, contact us for qualification details.

  7. Can I upgrade from an older version of SprutCAM? What is the cost?

    Yes, upgrades are available. The cost to upgrade is pro-rated and depends on the previous purchase date. Contact us for an upgrade quotation.