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Compatible Machines

CNC machines, such as robots, mills, wire EDM and lathes, sync perfectly with SprutCAM programming.

Available Operations

Learn the nuances of SprutCAM’s extensive offerings by reviewing the operation options.



SprutCAM offers a variety of comprehensive features, making it an ideal choice for any CNC shop.


Large Equipment Library

  • More than 50 built-in machine configurations
  • Tool paths guided by equipment specifications
  • Easily add a new machine configuration

Customize Tool Libraries

  • Easily upload pre-existing tool libraries or create new ones
  • Make cutting tool libraries job or machine specific

High Speed Machining

  • Reduce dynamic stresses on your machine with calculated lead in
  • Increase efficiency with faster cutting

Multi-task Machining

  • Incorporate multiple spindles and turrets
  • Turn several parts at once


Machine Simulation

  • Increase machining confidence by watching the simulated program
  • Simulation includes machine travel limits
  • Helps improve tool and machine life
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