adaptive roughing module


Adaptive roughing strategy ensures that the high speed cutting conditions remain almost constant and is much more efficient compared to conventional constant offset roughing strategies. The strategy avoids full-width cuts by constantly measuring the engagement volume of the tool with material and gradually removes material off the remaining stock. It guarantees stable load on the tool, which allows an increased material removal rate at higher feed rates and reduces the overall machining time.


  • Reduction in Machining Cycle Time
  • Extended Tool Life



Tool Path Features

  • If the cutter has to go over a previously machined area, it will raise itself up in Z to avoid rubbing of the tool

  • No Full width cuts are allowed
  • Supports Intermediate slices & rest roughing
  • Multi Core CPU support for faster calculation times
  • Consistent engagement with material

  • Trochoidal like passes to progressively cut corners


Ease of Use

Adaptive Roughing is only usable in two operations, Roughing Waterline and 5 Axis Multi Surface*.  Simply select Adaptive Roughing and set your stepover distance and SprutCAM will do the rest.

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