Robot Module options


The Advanced Robot Module allows you to control 6 axis robots with a standard Version of Pro or Master at an additional cost. It is included with SprutCAM Robot by default.



Robot Axes Map

Allows the user to define, manual and fine tune automatic, control laws for the degrees of freedom of a robot (6th axis, the rails, or the rotary table axis).  You can optimize each axis individually.  Allows users to visualize out of reach zones, zones it can reach but are out of its defined limits, collision zones, and zones where the robot’s joints move at extreme speeds.  The spline can be adjusted to avoid all issues, making it simple to create an error free program.




Interactive Machine

Allows the user to define the position/angle of the robot simply by dragging it using the magnet feature.

The user is also able to see if it foresees any collisions or singularities using the machine definition when it changes colors.


Axis Control

The user has the ability to fix the spindle in any axes if the job requires it to come from a certain angle.  This applies to the table as well as the arm.


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