Reason #7 – Auto Updating

One of the new features that will be available in SprutCAM 10 is the control of the SprutCAM America Module itself. Any posts or machine definition changes will be updated here, at SprutCAM America. Our goal is to allow the user to find the most recent post without having to be inconvenienced with writing an email or calling our SprutCAM America help line. Instead, a simple update of the software will do that for you. This also allows us get future bug fixes out to the community of users much quicker and more efficiently.

The auto updating feature in SprutCAM 10 provides sound peace of mind that you are using the most up-to-date and most stable version of the SprutCAM technology.

Reason #8 – Updated Add-Ins

Add-Ins have been updated in SprutCAM 10 for some of the leading CAD software packages out there. SOLIDWORKS 2015, SpaceClaim 2014, Inventor 2014, and Rhinoceros 5 are some of the main ones that have been updated. This allows those with the most updated versions of CAD to automatically import into SprutCAM 10.

If you’d like to see your CAD software implemented, let us know and we can try to contact the CAD Company to get an addin created!

Reason #9 and #10, will be posted after the Holidays!

Auto Updating & Updated Add-Ins – Reasons 7/10 & 8/10 to Get SprutCAM 10
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