Reason #10 – All the Little Enhancements

SprutCAM 10 has many other small features that have been added or enhanced.  The following are the most prominent.

Improved HSM – New  trochoidal arcs reduce the tool path length by 20% in comparison to SprutCAM 9.

Feature-Based Machining (FBM) – New machining strategies for grooves such as boring, rough pocketing, rough and finish contour milling, and chamfering. The ability to have shaped cutters has been added as well. In general, the stability of FBM has been enhanced.

Toolpath Visualization – SprutCAM 10 has improved and color-coded the tool path visualization to better pinpoint where an issue may be located. The direction of the tool is also pointed out as it goes, providing which direction that line will move in, as well.

10 1

Collision detection – SprutCAM 10 will now detect any collision with the entirety of the tool holder.

3D Model Improvements – The internal STEP format import has been enhanced. Now, you can also import models in Parasolid format, as well. All of these have been enhanced so that similar models will have faces and edges named the same, allowing you to simply import a new model in and not have to recreate the project.

Technical Support – A window within SprutCAM can be opened to send a SprutCAM file directly to SprutCAM for support. This can be sent by email or without email. Simply provide the email you’d like to have a response sent to.

10 2

SprutCAM Operations Manager – You can now disable any operations you don’t use, and reduce the clutter when selecting operations.

4th Axis – Added to the machine definition is the ability to support the shortest path rotation. This essentially means that the software will look and see if it’s quicker to use a positive degree or a negative degree. Movement from 15 degrees to 350 degrees will rotate -25 degrees as opposed to 335 degrees, as an example.

10 3

All the Little Enhancements – Reason 10/10 to Get SprutCAM 10
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