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Reason #5: Improved Graphics and Rendering

SprutCAM 10 has taken any graphics and rendering issues found in SprutCAM 9, like the slow-down of animations and processing in general, and fixed them.

It has been updated with the latest OpenGL features to assist in rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics. This interacts with the GPU (graphics processing unit), which processes graphics faster than a standard CPU. Those who own SprutCAM 9 may have noticed issues with being bogged down when rendering. This was due to an issue with the embedded video card interacting with SprutCAM. These issues have been fixed. It also has improved the speed of NVIDIA graphics cards, for those of you rolling with that brand.

So what does this all mean?

This means that SprutCAM has put in the effort to fix issues that were slowing down the software. We have done in-house testing to compare SprutCAM 9 to SprutCAM 10, and found that the latest version was opening the software twice as fast and shutting it down instantly.

On a very large toolpath, SprutCAM 10 was processing 30 seconds faster than its predecessor, which is a major improvement from the one-minute tool path calculation that was present in SprutCAM 9. Ultimately, it is a faster software that processes and renders at much more efficient rate.

Improved Graphics and Rendering – Reason 5/10 to Get SprutCAM 10
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