SprutCAM America is excited to announce the launch of SprutCAM 11, which is going to be released soon. With new operations, improved simulation methods and crash detection, more efficient tool paths, and much more, SprutCAM 11 is raising the bar as a professional CAM software. Check out the 3D model and CAD add-in enhancements made in this updated version:

  • Multiple Face Selection Enhancements:
    • Hold Shift + Hold Left Mouse and drag to select faces under the curser
    • Use Ctrl + Shift + Double Click Left Mouse to select smooth connected faces
  • STEP File Enhancements: Coordinate System from CAD software is imported with the model.
  • CADBro™ ToolBar: Addin added to CADBro™ software
  • Kompas™ Enhancements: Import of curves from Kompas™ CAD software has been added to the add-in.
  • Solidworks™ Enhancements: Import of 3D curves (not sketches) of parting lines, flat curve, combined curve, curve through XYZ, curve through the reference point, and the spiral/flat spiral has beena dded
  • Space Claim™: Parasolid module support of unique identifiers of geometry entities has been added but by default is disabled. Instructions to enable can be found at C:\ProgramData\Sprut Technology\SprutCAM\Version 11\Addins\SpaceClaim under the “How change export file extension.txt” document.
  • Internal Import of PLY Files: PLY (Polygon File Format) files can now be imported. PLY are three dimensional data generally sent from a 3D scanner
  • Internal Import of AMF Files: Additive Manufacturing File Format (AMF) is now supported. These are models seen in the 3D Printer industry.

For more information about the SprutCAM 11 launch, click HERE.

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