SprutCAM America is excited to announce the launch of SprutCAM 11, which is going to be released soon. With new operations, improved simulation methods and crash detection, more efficient tool paths, and much more, SprutCAM 11 is raising the bar as a professional CAM software. Check out the updates to the lathe module:

  • Lathe Operations: The lathe operations were one of the most confusing parts of the past versions. With essentially multiple operations doing the same thing, it became very clear this need to be reworked. The end result is shown above. All Lathe operations are now under legacy and considered Obsolete. There is now one operation for each type of machining with options located within the operation to help reduce confusion and make it easier for the end user.

  • Lathe Grooving Enhancements: Lathe Grooving has been completely redesigned. A roughing direction parameter has been added to allow machining of grooves not only from the center but also forward and backwards. The finishing direction parameter allows the direction to be different than the roughing direction. An option to allow overlap has been added as well. Multi-layer has been improved as well as the check work piece feature.

  • Lathe Slotting : Lathe slotting is similar to grooving but is fine tuned to allow machining of rectangular grooves. These can now be efficiently done in one simple click.

  • Roughing Cycle Enhancements: The Check Work piece feature is now more reliable and is compatible when Overlap is enabled. The compensation switching sequence has been changed in that the radius compensation is turned on and off before the rapid moves leading to the engage and retract as opposed to at the engage and retract. This eliminates unexpected toolpaths.

  • Lathe Part-Off Cycle: It is now possible to produce a chamfer or a rounding at the finished face. Chip breaking with a delay is now an option as well. Return to the Top level can be disabled in case the tool is needed as a stopper for the bar ejected from a feeder. Tool Width Compensation support has been added with the ability to flip it left or right easily.

  • Lathe Threading Job Assignment: New Thread Library widget allows the user to easily select the thread needed. This list can be customized.

  • New Lathe Hole Machining: Lathe Drilling operation has been replaced with Hole Machining. It allows axial drilling and operates the same as the Hole Machining for mill.

  • Adaptive Feedrate: Adaptive feedrate automatically adjusts the feedrate based on percent tool engagement. This is particularly effective in corners where there is high tool engagement. The total run time is reduced as the ability to program for the highest feedrate allowable is now possible instead of basing the feedrate off the slowest part.

For more information about the SprutCAM 11 launch, click HERE.

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