SprutCAM HPC (High Performance Cutting)


SprutCAM HPC (High Performance Cutting) is designed for the efficient removal of material in open and closed pockets.


Multiple Operation Support

Can be used in the following operations:

  • Roughing Waterline
  • Pocketing
  • Pocketing 2.5D
  • Flat Land Finishing

Easily Selectable

Simply select HPC under the strategy tab and set the stepover


Toolpath Control

Trochoidal arcs avoid tool overload without requiring a feedrate reduction making for a much smoother machining process

Back-off Distance parameter can be manually set for when it lifts above an already machined surface

The Linking Radius value can be set to round off the links

Links on the same Z level when using Climb or Conventional milling will use the back off distance to rise up and move over the already machined surfaces.

Feed rate control can be set for every type of movement.

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